Learn to improve your negotiating style and how to recognise the styles of others…

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Have you ever finished a negotiation and wondered…

“How did I do?

How would an independent observer have rated my performance?

What could I have done differently?”

These questions should be asked after every negotiation you participate in. Those tasked with negotiating professionally, especially those who are mandated to negotiate on behalf of others, accept the responsibility that they will do well and more importantly, that they will improve with time.

This full day workshop aims to significantly improve participants negotiating ability through a carefully selected blend of academic theory, practical exercise and assessment. Currently it is run in Dublin, Cork, Tralee and Galway. It is suited to anyone who works in as an Entrepreneur, Sales, Procurement, Line Management, Trade Unionism and Charity Advocacy*. The attendance fee is normally €85.

Participants will be encouraged to assess and expand their own negotiation styles, to transform and merge their own experiences and to evolve new competencies, irrespective of their chosen profession.

The format of this workshop focusses on empowering participants to develop their own ability well beyond this workshop. It will direct them to the sources of knowledge most applicable to them and provide them with the methodology to continuously refine their negotiating skills. Participants will have a better understanding of what works well for them as individuals. They will also be better able to recognise and manage the potential pitfalls that can spoil negotiations.


For further information or to book your place on an upcoming workshop please visit

* please contact me directly if your charity would benefit from this type of training as there are often opportunities for pro-bono workshop places.