Future-focussed dispute resolution at all organisational levels…

shutterstock_93659026 50pc900wWorkplace mediation is a prompt, confidential and effective remedy to workplace conflicts, disputes and disagreements.  It is particularly suited to disputes involving individuals or small groups of employees e.g. interpersonal differences, breakdown in a working relationship, issues arising from a grievance or disciplinary procedure or Industrial Relations issues which have not been the subject of a referral to the Rights Commissioner Service or the Conciliation Service, the Labour Court or other statutory dispute resolution body.

The process is designed to protect and support the safety of all parties and to minimise any stress or anxieties associated with the conflict.

It is completely voluntary, and absolutely confidential.

In addition, any party can withdraw from it at any time for any reason or for no reason.

To further protect each others interests both parties have a veto over any aspect of a mediated agreement.

Compared with the other prescribed methods of dispute resolution, mediation is informal, very cost effective and can be completed in a flexible time-frame.

Direct costs are fractional, with none of the indirect costs such as stress,anxiety, low morale and loss of focus.

Mediated agreements will not contravene existing procedures or policies such as employment agreements or contracts.

Research indicates that agreements borne out of mediated processes are highly sustainable.

The confidential, voluntarist and collaborative nature of mediation ensures that a high degree of overall satisfaction is felt by participants.

Many people go on to report of improved relationships and a better understanding of how conflict can develop and how to address it when it does.


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