What is the sound of common ground?


The skill that I strive to improve with every professional experience is the one outlined here by writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. The notion that we live in a world where even diametrically opposed concepts, cultures, theories and ideologies can meaningfully co-exist when those who support them choose to is hugely motivational for facilitators.FSF

For me facilitation is both an honour and a privilege. I value the trust that clients place in my ability to help them with challenging discussions.

My ethos when dealing with groups of any size is to relate to clients and participants on a one-to-one basis, advance the agenda while maintaining content-neutrality and adhering to the pre-agreed framework.

Types of sessions include the following, though every situation is different and I will always be interested in new opportunities to facilitate. Consultations are without cost or obligation.

  • Strategic Business Planning & Review
  • Mission, Vision & Values Building
  • Group decision-making and consensus building
  • Community & Charity Groups (often pro-bono)